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Here's where we'll list announcements, items of interest, and news about shipmates.  If you'd like to post information here, please click the link and let us know.  Also, if you know the whereabouts or how to contact other JCC shipmates who aren't JCCVA members or registered on our sailing list, please submit that information as well so we may contact them. 

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If you have an HPD (Higher Power Discussion) List like my wife and I, a "Lift List" as Kenn McDermott calls his, or just a common, everyday Prayer List, please add our Chaplain, Jim Magin, to it.
Below are some excerpts from an email I received from him today, Wed. July 19:
"3 weeks to go on this cycle of immunology. Skin is drying out."
(One of the medications he's on is drying out his skin severely.)
"Then we will do another PETSCAN. Will let you know the results."

"Thanks for your prayers."



A humble request from Joe Shook, MT1(SS), Gold Plankwner and temporary Webmaster

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Shipmates, Widows and Calhoun supporters. We are seeking photos of those former crew members who are now on Eternal Patrol. Please contact Glenn Gerbrand by email (, if you have any pictures you care to share. Thank you.

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******* Attention All Hands *******
Please add the email address  to your "authorized sender" list.  This email address is used to communicate with all JCCVA members and those who have shared their email address with us.  By adding it, you'll be sure to receive all communiques from JCCVA! If we do not have your current information, please go to our Sailing List page and kindly provide us with the requested data. Thanks!

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Click here to see all that remains of the JCC

Click here to the see the great JCC marble bench at Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum

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ATTENTION Shipmates! Did you know that our ship's sponsor, Rosalie Calhoun, attends all of our reunions? Rosalie is the great - great grandaughter of John C. Calhoun and she christened the boat when she was 14 years old!  We're thankful for Rosalie's support and she brings a lot of life to our Association and reunions!

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Check out your Shipmate's or add your own Sea Stories

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This is a great new site for Navy vets only
Click the link above and join up

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For the military-news-insatible, I found an interesting new website called

Digital Video & Imagery Distribution System

or DVIDS, for short! Click above and read about it.



Our Ladies' Auxiliary page.

or click on the Tab in the Navigation Bar at left.

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This alert has nothing to do with buying anything, but we would like to warn you of some unscrupulous organizations out there.
Apparently, there are two "charitable" organizations, namely the National Veterans Foundation and the National Vietnam Veterans Foundation, that are not exactly what they claim to be.
As a social organization, we have no open opinions on political or other outside issues, and certainly do not intend to try to tell you where to donate, or not. Numerous indicators have presented themselves, however, which do show these two groups do not totally have the best interests of anyone but themselves in mind.
Please thoroughly investigate any so called veteran-related foundations, groups, or organizations before sending them any donations or especially personal information. And tell your wives, daughters, sisters, and other female friends and relatives, as these people tend to concentrate their efforts on females, particularly widows.
Rig for Patrol Quiet!

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Attention JCCVA Members

To access the new JCCVA Members Only Lounge, please click the below link or select the "Members Lounge" link on the left margin of any page.  The Members Only Lounge is the place to enter discussion items with fellow members, review the most recent Treasurer's report, and to view the full, unedited, Master Sailing List, where you will find all of the shipmates full addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.  Might even find a few special photos!  You'll need your special Username and Password to enter the Lounge. If your'e a new member, you'll find both in your Welcome Aboard email from Secretary, Jon Fader.  If you're an "old" member, they have remained the same during the new site transition.  If you've forgotten the Username/Password, Please click the link and we'll get it to you as soon as we can. Enjoy!
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Members Only Lounge

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Welcome Aboard!
We received this input from Jimmie Lovins who got the opportunity to visit the JCC one day:

"I got to go aboard in 1964 when we were operating with her (JCC).  I was on the USS Myles C Fox (DD-829), while in Florida.  Some of our crew got to go out for the day on the Calhoun.  It was great - I'll never forget it!  BMSN Jimmie Lovins, USS Myles C. Fox (DD-829)